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"With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere....this blog began on 23rd August 2004".
This blog is a saga . . . The saga of an idea transforming into an event ! If you are visiting for the first time, it would be advisable to start from the first post... you will have to go to the archives for that.
Monday, August 30, 2004
The new blood
After our summer internship when we rejoined the campus, the new batch had already joined. We as the MastishK team were definitely short of manpower and I had hopes from the next batch to join us. So under the aegis of TechnoMatrix, we introduced this event to the whole PGDIM-XI batch, in the very first forum meeting.
At the end of this meeting I asked for volunteers who would like to join us in this endeavor. I heard later from one of my friends that I spoke passionately in that meeting; however my first feeling after the meeting was that we would hardly have more than 5 or 6 volunteers – I had earlier hoped for 10.
To my surprise, about 17 volunteers came out on that very day. My room was full of people as I explained the concept to each group in detail. The next day we had more, and more volunteers flowed in during the week as news about the event spread by word of mouth. The number finally stabilized around 21. (But we had people joining us as late as 26th august i.e. after the launch of the event). The numbers grew so large that I used excel sheets to map their competencies and interests, so that I could divide them among different game development teams.
With so many hands to work on the games the quality, complexity and expanse of the games and the event itself expanded manifold. The earlier (senior) team members could now devote time to conceptualizing better ideas for the games while the new-comers took up operational roles. This in fact helped me and Hemant to conceptualize more aspects of the event, we moved full speed astern for developing the infromalzz section - the idea of the Comic Strip (as mentioned by Shubham in his last post) came up. We also conceptualized 'Khoj' -the serch game. . .
From a team of 5 we have grown to a massive size of 30+ today. We have, as I sometimes feel, ceased to remain a team and become an organization – and I have even faced issues like attrition and worker motivation, relationship management in the course of the past 3-4 months. Getting work done, setting targets, measuring work, making and following schedules, macro planning, brainstorming etc have become a part of the way we work on the event. I should acknowledge that I have come to appreciate my Management studies better in the light of all aspects that I have discovered during the past few months of working on Mastishk.
My Mastishk has grown with Mastishk (the event) in its ability to comprehend the world.


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