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"With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere....this blog began on 23rd August 2004".
This blog is a saga . . . The saga of an idea transforming into an event ! If you are visiting for the first time, it would be advisable to start from the first post... you will have to go to the archives for that.
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
The cyber-seed
Day 2 . . . received lots of applause from the batch for the work on the homepage . . some foreign responses have also come (ie other B-schools ;) . . the teams are are enthused . . . but I am worried about the high loading time the page is taking . . Since morning I have been coordinating with teams, solving their queires, managing their schedules; I havent found time to look into this problem . . will do it tommorow . . but I did not start this post to narrate today's activities . . . this post is the first part of the story behind Mastishk . . here you go . . . .

NITIE hostels are customarily marked with high network activity levels. Starting from studies to time pass – the whole array of campus activities are done over the network; so much so that we feel lost if there has been no message on IP messenger in a span of an hour. It was quite natural for the cyber-seed of Mastishk to sprout in such conditions.
In November last year when the intranet-server was upgraded, all forums were also asked to revamp their space. As the coordinator of TechnoMatrix, I was to revamp its space. I put all our previous presentations and other reference stuff; and then I thought why not put some fun stuff on the space? So I found some JavaScript based fun games and put them on the server. In other quarters of the hostel our quiz-buffs started quizzing on the network using a LAN messaging tool. We were already discussing our assignments and notes on the IP messenger – such IP-meetings often substituted physical meetings that we did earlier.
Amongst all this I (and as I was to realize later, many others too) came up with an idea of an online management fest and I had briefly put the idea in front of the class. Soon the Prerana team, looking for avenues to expand the scope of our flagship event approached me with the idea to host an online event under the aegis of Prerana.


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