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Friday, September 03, 2004
Mobile Man-Eater
Hey guys

This is ashita and my friends call me ashii..To start with what mastishk has done to our lives it has made my Monitor mobile.. Now you can imagine the power of Mastishk(its all in your mind)..Reminds me of MATRIX...

Neways the reason behind this is that milind's monitor has gone for repairs so we have to manage with one monitor. Since guys are not allowed in our rooms i have to take my monitor to his room whenever we want to work together. Interesting part is that the day we started working together for POT my monitor stopped working. After a few days i tinkered with mine and it worked but the same day his MAN-EATER(That's what we have named the display device after the leopard incidents on campus) conked off. Since that day we are working on the Mobile Man-EAter.

Now how my Mastishk was involed in the Mastishk(erstwhile POT). We had just started with our 5th module after our summers when one day milind asked me that if i could help him in the Quantitative modelling of an online game which he was doing for POT. I readily agreed thinking that it would just take a day or two. But once we started conceptualizing the game i was more than involved. We were discussing the game in the class, in the room ,on Ip,everywhere. The game changed every minute we deliberated on it. Any topic which was being covered in any subject we somehow related to our game. It was becoming complicated. There were times where we thought that nothing was going ahead. But every lull sparked a new idea.

Milind and I complemented each other in the sense that he was focused more on marketing side whereas i looked more into numbers and the supply chain side. I was good at bulleting and he at Story writing. All this was a perfect recipe for our game.

But since both of us were non IT people, our junior team from IM11 helped us out. One of the funny incidents which i remember was that one day i was explaining the concept to our juniors. I explained everything with full passion when milind reminded me that i was using HINGLISH and one of our juniors did not understand Hindi at all ;-)
Another day Nikhil called a meeting at 1 am at night. We had to give him a write up and i asked him that i would submit the next day. He did not agree. I asked him again but still he did not budge. I was pissed off and told him that he would get the write up within an hour. Till then he had also mellowed down and asked me to submit the next day. But i ensured that i completed the write up that night night only although i had to remain awake till 4 am.

More trivia from ashii soon


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