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Friday, September 10, 2004
"Mast"- "Ishk" n project management
Hi everybody

ashii is back again with another bLOG for the LOG ;-)

Now since everybody in the mastishk team is involved almost 24*7 we are discussing nothing but Mastishk all the time.

We guys have been given an assignment in project management to prepare a report on any project and map it on Microsft software. Our im10 mastishk team minus medda( payal, tappu, shoonya, bill gates, shubham & myself) are in the same group and the project which we chose had to be MastishK only...

While preparing the assignment we are learning the nuances of project management... We actually realized that how much time, effort and resources and gone into MastishK.. It gave us a new way of looking at MastishK....

So Shoooonya boss don't worry..... Our project management assignment will be the best(hopefully the only one LIVE) and will get you thru this subject.. Baaki doosre subjects main we all will study together and crack the exams.. :-)

btw we have started referring MastishK as "MAST"- "ISHK" since we have fallen in love with it....

more from mAStisHk team soon


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