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"With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere....this blog began on 23rd August 2004".
This blog is a saga . . . The saga of an idea transforming into an event ! If you are visiting for the first time, it would be advisable to start from the first post... you will have to go to the archives for that.
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
The naming ceremony
Hi there,
After the coordinators, co–coordinators, creative consultants and conceptualizers, this comes from the Mastishk team. Me and Medda been working on “Media Moguls” - the Media Plan game. The game is all about advertising acumen and managing resources.
Many sleepless nights went by as we tried to capture the right mélange to get what the elusive customer might want. Will need a blog solely dedicated to talk about the project.
But I’ll keep my introductory blog short….
will just tell a bit of my experiences..
Of all the nights we have spent working on Mastishk, the one that I particularly remember is the one of “naming ceremony”. Yes, it’s true, the naming. It was a baby and like all babies, we were deciding what to call him. Nikhil and shoooonya brainstormed and came up with a long list of “techie” and some not-so-techie names for the baby.
But we all had different views. Somehow, none of the names could gain majority of votes. It seemed that the names were covering one aspect and touching another but not quite spanning the whole idea and feel of “The Baby”.
Then after dinner the routine walk was over shadowed with serious thought apart from some casual remarks which drew the occasional laugh but not much substance. We all were defending the names that we had picked from the list. Ultimately we came down to suggesting radical names.
As usual from the punster’s mouth came “Mastishk - The Encephalon” he he..
Cool type and the whole idea is about the brain and the connections so kinda clicked.
And this is how the transition from POTters to Mastishk happened
will soon follow up with more stories..
till then ciao


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